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The Palm Beaches, formerly known as Eileen's Travel, celebrate their grand opening with a grand opening party at the Royal Palm Beach Hotel. The pink-colored hotel has been a Palm Island landmark since 1947 and has hosted a variety of events including weddings, weddings and other special events. Located at 329 Clematis St., it has been one of the most popular destinations in the South Florida region for over 40 years. With a pet-friendly dog park and pet-friendly parking, West Palm Florida Airport is also dog-friendly.

This conveniently located hotel is also a destination in itself and was built in recent years and offers a variety of amenities including a spa, fitness center, spa and wellness facilities, a fitness club and a gym. Beaches and the extensive waterfront promenade, which is never far away, is the destination itself, the Royal Palm Beach Hotel and Spa with its beautiful views of the sea and the beach.

From eating, shopping, cycling and the beach there are so many wonderful things to do for a few friends and family. From cycling along the waterfront to dining al fresco, renting a skybike and exploring the beautiful ocean and beach views from the Royal Palm Beach Hotel and Spa, West Palm Beach is the place to be, with so much to see, do and explore. Here are our top 10 things we've done, whether cycling along the waterfront or eating al fresco, here are some of our top 10 things you should do for your next trip to WestPalm Beach.

Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) is one of the busiest airports in the United States and the second busiest airport in Florida. While Miami and Fort Lauderdale airports are both busy, you can fly to West Palm Beach on a connecting flight or even fly directly from Miami. Although it is only a few kilometers from the main airport, P BI is easily accessible and is only a short drive from many major cities such as Miami, Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Bay. The area is also home to many of Florida's best sports, entertainment and events, including the Florida Panthers, Florida Marlins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Miami Heat. These include the best professional sports teams that can be caught at West Palm Beach, including Florida State University, the University of South Florida, the Jacksonville Jaguars and Florida Atlantic University.

West Palm Beach offers a variety of outdoor activities such as golf at West Palm Beach Golf Course, cycling and paddling at Okeeheelee Park (think cycling, paddling and swimming), tennis at the Palm Bay Tennis Club, and many other activities.

The proximity to the Gulf Stream keeps you warm and easily accessible, and many miles are private beach chairs. There are other interesting cities around West Palm, including Miami, Palm Beach, Miami-Dade County, Delray Beach and Miami Beach International Airport, but there are also many of them in the area. The lifeguards can swim freely during the day in Okeeheelee Park and the Palm Bay Tennis Club and at night on the beach. Its proximity to the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico and its waters keep the water warm, as do many of its beaches and beaches in Florida.

If you decide to spend your vacation in Palm or West Beach and your travel budget is not very high or if you have any recommendations, continue reading about what to see and do in and around Palm Beach, Florida. Follow our Scout Guide to Palm Beach and don't forget to download our free Insider's Guide. Where to shop, eat, drink, shop and relax during your vacation in West Palm Park.

So, don't hesitate to visit West Palm Beach with a couple for a night, let me show you how to move around in comfort and style. After this short lesson, you will have a great time on the beach to see all the sights of Palm Beach. Enjoy the Lake Trail and admire the Palm Beach villas from the comfort of your home or even from your hotel room.

If you are looking for the ultimate relaxing holiday, you will find it at the Royal Palm Beach Resort. Spend your next vacation in the comfort of your own home with a great view of the beach, Lake Trail and the scenic view of West Palm Beach.

Every evening there is live music in the bar, indoor pool and hot tubs, and if you consider it a bar, there are surf burners in the pool. When high season is upon you can follow the chatter and head to the beach for great views of West Palm Beach and Lake Trail.

Read the house rules and contact the host or read the Vrbo website for more information about the property and its amenities. Contact the owner: To determine the individual owner of a Vvbo property, please read its website or contact it.

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